Al-Ikhlas Islamic Store

Thank you for visiting al-ikhlas islamic clothing wholesale and retail online store. We are a family run business dedicated to supplying the Muslim umah with high quality affordable muslim clothes. The factory is run by immediate family members and is able to produce garments to our exact specifications regarding size, color, and design. We produce our garments overseas but ship to our customers from our office in the United States so you get your products super fast. We usually ship orders out the same day we receive them. Often, orders received at 5pm pst can get shipped out that day. So many customers are surprised at how fast they get their orders. We make every effort to get the order out as soon as payment is received.

To meet customer's needs we get some of our products direct from our partner factories.  This also allows us to have a greater variety of products. By having a direct link to our suppliers our cost is less so we pass the savings on to the customer. We are happy to ship to any destination worldwide. Call or email for pricing for non USA orders.

Our products have been well received around the world. Often we receive comments saying the actual item is "better than the picture" and "better than described". "Beautiful", "gorgeous", "MashaAllah", "unbelievable", and "fabulous.

Our Goal:

To sell high quality clothing at affordable prices because we strongly believe in adhering to the dress requirements as described in the Quran and Sunnah and we want to make this easy and affordable for all Muslimas. To sell clothing that is beautiful without being revealing, tight, or overly adorned with color. Conservative yet classy, elegant yet modest, in part, is what we try to offer. Provide a simple and easily accessible website for all Muslims to see our product. To have fair and honest business transactions between the seller (Al-ikhlas) and the buyer (you).

beads use for embroidery  Blue bead on salwar kameez

Finish product of salwar kameez  Supply of beads